La Morenita.

18. Mexicana y Orgullosa. Curly girl. Taken (3 years).



Still pretty proud of my response to this.

You know what’s also a great fuck you to Hitler? Showing that a black man is just as worthy of filling those shoes.

Or maybe even having a real black man go to Berlin in 1936 and single-handedly crush Hitler’s myth of Aryan supremacy.  But I guess comic-book characters are a cool way to make that statement, too.


wow white cops in the kkk how shocking, i’m caught totally off guard never in my life would i have saw that coming

"while other girls put roses in their hair,
i was told to wrap thorns around my neck.
delicacy was reserved for the ivory,
brutality served to brown beauties."

flower child  (via brownpeopleproblems)



remember when jay z said “only Christopher we acknowledge is Wallace” on Columbus Day and white people started burning his albums

white people sticking up for a murderer and a child molester

I’m shocked





How many women can you guess? Do you remember/know what each one of them did/discovered?
Once you make your guess, head over to All Science, All the Time to see if you were right:


Oh wow, that’s AN AWESOME LIST OF WHITE WOMEN SCIENTISTS! But how could you forget:
Asima Chatterjee: The awesome Indian woman who help discover drugs we use to treat cancer, malaria, and epilepsy!ORChien-Shiung Wu: THE FIRST LADY OF PHYSICS?! OR WHADDABOUTEllen Ochoa: The first Latina in SPACE! AND the First Latina Director of the Johnson Space Center.Oo, and don’t forget!!Flossie Wong-Staal: The woman that successfully map HIV and pave the way to prove that HIV causes AIDS. GURL!Mae Jemison: First Black woman IN SPACE!!! And worked the first flight into space after the Challenger Accident.But don’t stop!Patricia Bath: The First Black woman doctor awarded a patent for a medical device: a laser that removes cataracts! (Fancy that!)AND THE BOSSEST!Shirley Ann Jackson: The first Black woman to earn a PhD from MIT in nuclear physics.
Hot damn! Women of Color in Science!!! 

reblogging solely for the criticisms and shade.

I’m fucking cackling